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Coming soon: the next International Art Exhibition at the Milan Dome’s Great Museum, entitled “LIMITI-CONFINI” (Borders and Boundaries)

By 30 Giugno 2017Agosto 3rd, 2017CRAMUM

Grande Museo of Duomo in Milan , 30 June, 2017. The 21st September, thanks to the hospitality of Veneranda Fabbrica, at the Grande Museo del Duomo in Milan (12, Piazza Duomo) inaugurates the international exhibition “LIMITI-CONFINI” (Borders and Boundaries), promoted by CRAMUM and curated by Sabino Maria Frassà. The exhibition, which hosts the fifth edition of CRAMUM award  shows the works of 22 artists from all over the world, included twelve international artists: Magdalena Abakanowicz (Poland), Zsolt Asztalos (Hungary), Ivan Barlafante, Carlo Benvenuto, Laura de Santillana, Matteo Fato, Daniele Fissore, Ivan Grubanov (Serbia), H.H. Lim (China), Franco Mazzucchelli, Francesca Piovesan, Daniele Salvalai.  By their side there are the works of ten finalists of the 5th edition of CRAMUM award: Alessio Barchitta, Alessandro Boezio, Andrea Fiorino, Francesco Casolari, Marco La Rocca, Giulia Manfredi, Dario Picariello, Pamela Pintus, Diego Randazzo, Sally Viganò.

Francesca Piovesan, Hand (Silver and Mirror), 2017

Sabino Maria Frassà presents the exhibition saying: “The only identity we seem to be able to find is “we are” as we are different from someone else. Without judges, but with a clear holistic and inclusive vision , the Exhibition “LIMITS- BORDERS tries to analyse the uneasiness of our times , of a society that lives in a never-ending condition of barrier at the borders be they geographical, human or existentialist

The day of the inauguration the winner of CRAMUM award will be named by a Scientific Committee composed of journalists, curators, critics, collectors, intellectuals: Matteo Bergamini, Ettore Buganza, Leonardo Capano, Giovanna Calvenzi, Julia Fabenyi, Maria Fratelli, Giuseppe Iannaccone, Rose Ghezzi, Angela Madesani, Michela Moro, Iolanda Ratti, Alba Solaro, Carlotta Gaia Tosoni, Nicla Vassallo, Giorgio Zanchetti. The winner will receive a marble cube by Candoglia (symbol of the prize and created by The Studio Museo Francesco Messina, Comune di Milano). Finally the winner will have a solo exhibition at the Francesco Messina Museum in Milan.

English Press Officer – Carla Aira, Joel Pignet

CRAMUM is a Latin word meaning cream, the best part. CRAMUM is a no– profit project that supports artistic and cultural initiatives in Italy and abroad, with a particular attention to young artists . The main project of CRAMUM since 20120 has been the CRAMUM award, born to be a talent – program for the best young artists in Italy. Every year the award flanks the finalist young artists with internationally known artists intellectuals , curators collectors and journalists

Under the Patronage

The fifth edition of Cramum is possible thaks to supporters and partners. For this edition a particular thanks are due to: Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo in Milano, Fondazione Cure Onlus, Comune di Milano, Editrice Quinlan, Istituto Confucio of the University of Milan, Polish Consulate in Milan, Hungarian Consulate in Milan, Ludwig Muzeum, Studio Museo Francesco Messina.

Zsolt Asztalos, My Story – My version (Barbara), 2015
Francesca Piovesa, Hand, 2017